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Assemblages of found objects, by
Robbii Wessen

of USA

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Showcase - the work of 39 Taranaki artists
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Dorothy Andrews, Jenny Bielawski, Steven Boothe, Rhonda Bunyan, Alby Carter, Annie Clegg, Dale Copeland, Laurel Davis, Lester Earl, Carl Fairweather, Deborah French, Teresa Goodin, Heidi Griffin, Lesley le Grove, Karen Hamer, Waldo Hartley, Anne Holliday, Glenys Howland, Jan Huijbers, Paul Hutchinson, Graham Kirk, Karen McDell (Vasalisa), Linda McFetridge, Milarky, Steve Molloy, Roger Morris, Stu Morris, Wayne Morris, Marianne Muggeridge, Fern Petrie, REMO, Norman Riley, Ché Rogers, Tony Rumball, Lee Russell, Margaret Scott, Leonie Smith, Graeme Thompson, Joanne Wilkes, Donna Willard-Moore, Click here if you'd like to see what the artists look like
And here to get an idea of where to find their studios.

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We show an exhibition every month, see the calendar of bookings below.
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Now showing, through June 2024

FOUNDLINGS constructions by Robbii Wessen, USA

Coming Soon

JulyC'est Moi
An open exhibition of self-portraits.
Any artist is welcome, working in any medium.
Send image(s) to by 20th June if you can.
With any text that you want to include.
Up to 3 self portraits in any medium, total cost $10 per work.

August ...?

September A year of being 80
An artist keeps on keeping on.

October ...?

See the News page about Taranaki art and artists.

International Collage Exchanges
One collage from each of the hundreds of artists who have taken part in previous International Collage Exhibition/exchanges (previously called Bakers Dozen) can be found on

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