An exhibition of assemblage art by Peggy Earle of USA
and Dale Copeland of New Zealand.

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Her Last Flight My 15 minutes Life before death
1. The Lover
Peggy Dale Dale

Schoolteacher reads the lesson Heaven and Hell
Dale - - - - - - - Peggy - - - - - - -

All that glitters is not gold Gypsy Gold Vanity
Peggy Dale Peggy

The Carousels of Paris No Regrets
Dale Dale

From the Gutter The cock-eyed optimist
and the inadequate navigator
Peggy Dale Peggy

Global Warning There's a hard rain a-gonna fall Extinction is forever
Peggy Dale Dale

Your tired, your poor .. Democracy is coming
Peggy Dale

The long goodbye Those whom the gods would destroy,
they first make mad
Self portrait as a fool
Dale Peggy Dale

YOLO Ode to Fabulous
Dale Peggy

Gather ye rosebuds while ye may Here's looking at you Self Portrait 5, 40 72
Peggy Peggy Dale

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