Luminous lines

Drawings in 24kt gold and pure silverpoint
by  Janet Marshall  of New Zealand

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Fantail on conus capitata Waxeye with persimon

Huia wakahuia Compassion Oxeye daisy, yellow admiral

Huia wakahuia Harrier

NZ Clematis paniculata 1 NZ Clematis paniculata 2 NZ Clematis paniculata 3

Stitchbird NZ pipit

Ringneck pheasant with common copper Phormium tenax seed pods Waxeye showing gold glow

Waxeye on kowhai Warbler

These works are all done using metalpoint.

Metalpoint is the use of a fine metal rod or wire to draw with.

The drawings are done on a prepared surface that will take the metal.

I use 24kt gold and pure silver with 24kt gold leaf on some of the works.

Metalpoint or silverpoint is an ancient medium used over 500 years ago to draw with,
before graphite came onto the art scene.
As graphite can be rubbed out and silverpoint cannot, graphite became more popular
and silverpoint faded into disuse until early in the 1900s when it became popular again
with some artists.

The works shown here also have pastel dust to add very slight colour to the pictures.

Clematis paniculata   was chosen for the NZ Academy of Fine Arts "Celebration" exhibition in Oct/Nov 2023, and   Waxeye on persimmon   and   Pheasant with common copper   will be in the NZAFA exhibition "FANTASTIC BEASTS" in December.

Janet Marshall lives in the Nelson Bay area of New Zealand - at the top of the South Island;
home to Kea (NZ Alpine Parrots), NZ Falcons, Marsh Harriers, Herons, Native Pigeons, Robins,
Tomtits, Tuis and Bellbirds and many sea birds, giving her plenty of subjects for her work.

Works are for sale.
Please contact Janet at if interested.

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