Casting Off...
by Frances Rookes of New Zealand

These girls have travelled with me like good friends around the country and some of them around the world. Quite a few have left us on our travels and moved into new homes.... however the time has now come, after 16 years of exploring ideas with them, to make space in my workshop to explore my new lines of thought.. and these ladies are ready to move on as well.

These are the last of the 'Forms' works and I am casting off, so to speak - and in doing so offering a diminishing auction over this month to perhaps find them new homes.

Each week of this month the price will decrease: by 15% on the 7th and the 14th, then by 10% on the 21st and the 28th.

Click on any image for a larger view.
1. Shades of Gray 2. Co-ordinates 3. Dangerous Liaisons
$ 455.18 SOLD at $ 578 $ 520.20

4. The Last Tango in Paris 5. Generational Gems
SOLD at $ 397.38 SOLD at $390.15

6. Prima Coco 7. Past Lives 8. Giselle
$ 227.59 $ 260.10 $ 227.59

9. Little Coco 10. Opening Night Ensemble
$ 260.10 $ 422.66

11. A Little Romantique 12. Transparent Royal 13. Envious
SOLD at $ 216.75 $ 455.18 $ 292.61

14. Dark Debut 15. Matron of Honour
$ 260.10 $292.61

16. Siren 17. A Sunny Disposition
$ 260.10 SOLD at $ 300

Take a look at my bio page to see some of the places these girls have visited.

Frances Rookes lives in New Plymouth, New Zealand.
contact 027 2024500
or email Frances at   rookesmft @ (take out spaces)

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