Paintings by the late
Lynn Morresey

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Orphan Birds Go To Town The Orphan Birds Orphan Birds: It's a Wonderful World

The Green Frog The Amazing Purple Accumulating Machine

The Brown Cardboard Box Cedric The doll Elwood Saves "Wiggly"

Moses finds the Israelites Worshipping the Golden Calf

Worm Walking Bellyscratchin' (title unknown)

Choir Practice posters

Boss Lady
This is the only work offered for sale by auction.
Small, not framed. Click to see details
Current bid NZ$ 40, 50, 65, 70, ...

Lynn's submissions for Telecom phone book competitions

The Piano Lesson

Trick Cyclist
  The Virtual Tart  

Stom's New Friend Eb in the Valley of the Dolls

photo by pip Guthrie
New Zealand
Lynn started painting using test-pots of enamel when he was in prison.
His new loves, of art and of religion, changed his life.

Too shy to put prices on his paintings at the first exhibition of his work, he avoided the opening
and came back from a weekend away to find queues of people wanting to own one of his paintings.

He put together films and music, and was full of life until stricken by a cruel motor neurone disease.

Lynn died in 2008. Way too young. Way too talented.
His distinctive style is widely sought after.
These works are owned by collectors in New Zealand.

Lynn wrote:
When I look at my own paintings, I wonder what story they are trying to tell me.

I sense certain emotions and moods in my work that seem to have no place in my life today. Yet every time I pick up a brush and begin to work, I see a lot of those same feelings come out. I would not call my paintings "happy paintings" , yet I would consider myself a happy person.

If my work is about anything personal at all, and I believe virtually all art is, whether the artist intends it to be or not, then it is about the past, or more accurately, impressions of the past. Perhaps the past never truly stops trying to make its way into our present, and this used to worry me once, but it does no longer. I've dug up enough wells in my time and feel no need or desire to dig up another one. I was told once that the answers lay at the bottom of those wells, but I now believe the answer lies entirely elsewhere. I've ferreted around down there and all I've ever truly learned is, the deeper you go, the more dirt there is to cave in on top of you. That, and the fact there's no light down there. But, in saying that, I have a great deal of fun scribbling all over the walls !


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