USA 2020 Self Destruction

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USA 2020 Self Destruction
Jenny Bielawski
Materials: Old torn white Sheet fabric, black etching, red acrylic paint

Artist’s statement (in 2020):

We watch the news as the USA continues to kill their own people.
A large number in that country do appear to have a love affair with guns.
Armed police are very quick to take human lives, especially if the life they take is Black.
Mass killings by people with assault weapons happen too frequently, and now more Americans are dying with a tiny virus.
It appears to me that perhaps an uncaring Leader [Trump in 2020] is using the virus like a weapon to kill thousands of his own people.

Artist: Jenny Bielawski

Jenny lives in Tarata, Taranaki, New Zealand

email her at

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Image © Jenny Bielawski