Dale Copeland

Assemblage artist, book binder, maker.
The joy and the necessity of making, of creating.

Dale Copeland - Assemblage artist

Born 1943. Educated in Taranaki, dux of New Plymouth Girls' High School.
B. Sc. in maths and physics at Auckland University.

One year travelling in the outback of Australia, one year in London working and doing research into Carbon Fibre, then teaching Maths, Physics and Computing in Taranaki. Head of Maths/Science Department at Okato College.

Continued to study extramurally with Massey University, gained B.A., Dip.Soc.Sc. and M.A. with first class Honours in Mathematics. Offered Massey Doctoral Scholarship for Ph.D. in Chaos Theory '97.

At age 43 gave up teaching for art.
Lives at Puniho with painter Paul Hutchinson.
Has a 6th Dan black belt in Taekwon-Do (gained in 2020). Still training.

She has worked in collage, jewellery, book-making, photography, fabric art and sculpture, but her favoured medium is assemblage, or box art : careful constructions of treasured objects.

Selected solo shows : (a more complete list of exhibitions can be seen on Dale's site at www.dalecopeland.co.nz)
...still thinking..., Lysaght Watt Gallery, Hawera
THINKS, Percy Thomson Gallery, Stratford
Cabinet of Curiosities, Peter Rae Gallery, Dunedin & ROAR Gallery, Wellington
Travail with a light heart at Durango Arts Center, Colorado, USA
Remembrance of Things Past at Taranaki Museum, 2000.
Assemblage d'Assemblage at Portfolio Gallery in Auckland.
Through a Glass Darkly at Athene Gallery, Greytown.
fission chips at ART HAUS in Wellington.
Through a Glass Darkly at Portfolio Gallery in Auckland.
Remembrance of Things Past at ART Gallery in New Plymouth.
A Different Sort of Sacrifice at PAGE90 in Porirua.
The Agenbite of Inwit at Merilyn Savill Gallery in Wellington.
Not-Very-Merry-Go-Round at RKS Art in Auckland,
Careful Constructions of Treasured Objects at Robert McDougall Gallery in Christchurch

She has been part of many group art exhibitions, including the three Goodman Suter Biennales, where she has twice won a gallery purchase awards.
Winner of Professor Jack Richard's award for sculpture at WaX (National women's art exhibition)
and also prize for Overall Supreme Winner. Gisborne, 2007
Winner of Taranaki Review in 1988 & 2007.
Finalist in Art Waikato National Art Award 2000.
Finalist in Annual Wallace Art Awards 2004, 2007, 2008
The Art of Assemblage, Taupo Museum, New Zealand
The End is Near, Edith Barrett Gallery, Utica, NY, USA
Lost in the FunHouse, PumpHouse Gallery, Auckland
Participant in the Eco-Art Sculpture Symposium at Waitakere.
In The Great New Zealand Wind-Up : Toys as Art Objects at the Hawkes Bay Museum in Napier.
Shared Real and Reality with Heather Busch at Hawkes Bay Exhibition Centre.
One of four artists in A Couple of Artistic Pairs show at Govett Brewster Gallery in New Plymouth.

International group touring shows:
Taranaki to Terre Verte Terre Verte Gallery in Cornwall, UK. 2019
Taranaki à Paris Galerie 59Rivoli, Paris, France. 2014 and 2017
A Book About Death, USA, Mexico, Brazil
Cities-of-Art, Port Moody, BC Canada 2007. New Plymouth, New Zealand 2009.
Your Documents Please, Japan, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Mexico. 2008-9
The New Alchemists, touring New Zealand and Australia 2004-5
Imaginary Voyage, touring Canada, USA, New Zealand, France, Germany 2004-6
Human Artefakts, touring USA, Germany, New Zealand 2006-7
Assemblage 100, touring New Zealand, 2003
International Collage, RomFeia Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria 2002
Renaissance 2001, Harrogate, England
Apple TART - exhibition of Taranaki art, Lincoln Centre, New York.
Country Without Borders, Broadway, New York
Physicians and Their Art, University of Medicine, Piscataway, New Jersey
From Newts to Goats and Beyond, Lincoln Centre, New York
Exhibition 1999, Tokyo, Japan
L'Exposition 1/2000, Chauny, France
With four other artists took Four and Against to CSA Gallery in Christchurch and Suter Gallery in Nelson.
foCOM2000, Moscow, Russia
Apple TART, Lincoln Centre, New York
NEW ZEAL, Qdos Gallery, Lorne, Australia
2nd International Symposium of Collage in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
10 Contemporain Collage, Paris, France
Sum of the Parts North Carolina, USA
Voyage Imaginaire Quebec, USA, NZ, France, Germany
Assemblage 100 New Zealand tour
Guest of honour at 11 Contemporain Collage, Paris

She has set up Web pages for her art on the Internet, at www.dalecopeland.co.nz
and writes & manages the Virtual TART Internet site for Taranaki ART, at http://virtual.tart.co.nz

She has often taken over empty shops and run temporary galleries for artists to raise funds.
Subtaranaian, Painted Tarts, AVant Garage, Painted Cake Stall and, most famously Real Tart which she ran for a year in 2003 and then handed it over to a Trust while she scuttled back to her studio.

Author, publisher and binder of 'proper' published books, and also limited editions of handbound books:
"Chang-Hon Taekwon-Do, a History", 2023, limited edition
"Philosophy of the Found", 2020, ISBN : 978-0-9941485-0-6
    edition of 100, handbound in leather with inset objects.
"The Science of Taekwon-Do", 2020, ISBN : 978-0-9941485-5-1
"Taekwon-Do Patterns (Tul)", 5th edition, 2018, ISBN : 978-0-9941485-4-4
"Word Art", 2018, ISBN : 978-0-9941485-1-3
"Taekwon-Do Patterns (Tul)", 4th edition, 2017, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-9-6
"The Copeland Collection", Volume Three, 2016, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-8-9
"New Plymouth's Mine", 2015, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-7-2
"Bookbinding - An Introduction", (5th edition) 2015, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-6-5
"Taekwon-Do Patterns (Tul)", 3rd edition, 2015, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-8-3
"Taekwon-Do Theory and Dictionary", 2015, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-8-3
"International Assemblage<", 2015, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-3-4
"Taranaki à Paris", 2014, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-2-7
"Complex Numbers in Graphs", 2013, ISBN : 978-0-992524-1-0
"Exhibit No Fear", 2013, ISBN : 978-0-9922524-0-3
"The Copeland Collection", Volume Two, 2012, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-9-0
"Taekwon-Do Patterns (Tul)", 2011, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-8-3
"Virtual Tart @ Home", 2011, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-7-6
"Portrait of the Artist", 2010, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-6-9
"Cities-of-Art", 2009, ISBN : 978-0-9582489-5-2
"Elephants and Camels - the art of staying afloat", 2008, IBSN 0-9582489-1-4
"The Copeland Collection" 100+ collages from the International Exhibition/Exchange>, 2008, IBSN 978-0-9582489-3-8
"Assemblage 100", 2003, ISBN : 0-9582489-0-7
"The Art of Riding a Camel", 2001, ISBN : 0-9583372-8-4
"Assemblage Art", 1995, IBSN 0-9583372-2-5
"Bookbinding - An Introduction", 1994-98, IBSN 0-9583372-0-9 (now in 3rd edition)
"The Second Half", 1995, IBSN 0-9583372-4-1
See these books here.

Featured in: Art New Zealand, issue #51,
100 New Zealand Artists by Warwick Brown.
L'Art du Collage à l'Aube du Vingt et Uniéme Siécle by Pierre Jean Varet, Editions Artcolle , Paris, 2006.
Spring edition of inscape Society for Art of Imagination, UK.

Media I find junk, see treasure.
I keep things for years until they find their place.

Life, The Universe, and All That

I've been an artist, and exhibited widely, for 35 years.
Mid-life career change? I used to be a mathematician, teacher, physicist, computer programmer
. . . it feels like another life, another person. I am very fortunate, having so many choices.

I live at Puniho in rural New Zealand with my partner, the painter Paul Hutchinson. It's a good life.

My works are in the collections of the Dowse Art Museum, the Govett Brewster Art Gallery, the Gisborne Museum and Arts Centre, Massey University and the James Wallace Art Trust. And private collections. I miss them, these lost treasures.

See more of my art, the books I make, the place we live, on dalecopeland.co.nz

email Dale at   dale @ tart.co.nz (remove the spaces)

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