by Caroline Garrett Hardy

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Caroline incorporates mediums such as linoleum block prints, rubbings, colored pencil or acrylics into her work.
She works primarily in handmade papers from around the world which she juxtaposes with upcycled papers from various sources.
Her kimonos are wall hangings, with both the front and back as works of art. Her collages are tactile, two - dimensional paintings in paper.

The Abecedary Project:
I wanted to create a series of kimonos based on the alphabet, called an "Abecedary". I started, as might be expected, with the letter "A". Once I worked my way through to "C", I realized two things: (1) I wanted to involve others, and (2) this would not be a quick project.

In May 2019 I attended a reception for my British artist friend Eileen Hogan at the Yale Center for British Art. At the exhibit I became fascinated by her "Poetry Box." Eileen had created a contemporary version of a nineteenth-century Japanese game that required collecting 100 different poems, so she selected the first poem herself, then invited ninety-nine other people to choose a poem. I returned home inspired to invite others to make choices for my Abecedary project. With a group of 23 friends in hand, I randomly assigned a single letter of the alphabet to each, and then invited them to send me three or more words beginning with that letter. One word was to be something botanical; another was to be an adjective, adverb, or active verb; and the last was to be an object. No further guidance was given. Their responses delighted and surprised me with their variety, unexpectedness, and charm.

To take a set of seemingly disconnected words and weave them into a single, cohesive work of art is no small task. By researching each word, I unearthed obscure and sometimes cryptic facts, which encouraged further investigation into myths, legends, and fairytales. I felt that I was living out an experience similar to that of a Babylonian scholar I came across in my research, who, in referring to the making of the Gates of Ishtar, said "The artisan combines things and something radically different comes out of it." That's certainly what I've found!

The Abecedary project has been my focus for over two years. My deepest thanks to each of you who contributed words and for your patience in seeing the results. An exhibition of all kimonos is scheduled for December 2021 in Norfolk, Virginia, USA.

Caroline Garrett Hardy, 2021

Caroline Garrett Hardy lives in Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
Her biography, exhibitions, and more of her artwork, can be found on her website at www.carolineghardy.com

email her at   prof.csgarrett@gmail.com

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