Paintings, Prints and a Mixture of Both

by Diane Cameron of Canada

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1.   Bearded Man 2.   Cosmos Series 1

3.   Cosmos Series 2 - Blue Hair 4.   The Process 5.   Dragon

6.   Imaginary Land 7.   Fields and Tree

8.   Green Heart 9.   Sandwich Man 10.   Faces 1

11.   Faces 2 - Unicorns 12.   Grey-eyed Bird

13.   Sleeping Bird 14.   Blue Bird 15.   Leaf Series 1

16.   Leaf Series 2 17.   Leaf Series 3

18.   Plant Life 19.   Hands 20.   Blue Fall

21.   Defiance 22.   Looking at My World

Paintings, Prints and a Mixture of Both

This show presents work I've created over the past 2 or 3 months. In it I explore the boundaries between painting and printmaking. Sometimes I take prints from a painting I've done in oil before the paint dries and rework the image I get after putting the painting through the press. In "Bearded Man,", I added oil paint to bring out the image of a face and in "Leaf Series 2", it's easier to see how I transformed the print by adding pastel pencil marks. Other times the image works as just a print or just a painting - "Fields and Tree" and "Plant Life" are good examples of this. They both have a nature theme but the first is a one-off print, with nothing added, and the second is a painting with just paint. Whatever works!

About me ... I live in the countryside about an hour and a half drive east of Montreal, an area called the Eastern Townships. I live with my husband, cat and 5 cows on a small farm about 3 km (half a mile) from the nearest village. The beautiful views of hills and forests inspire me and I love the simple life that comes with living in the country and tending to what we affectionately call our little slice of paradise. I enjoy working in several different mediums - painting, printmaking, collage, drawing and sculpture, switching back and forth to try new things and take what I've learned from one medium to apply it to another. I do realistic work to improve my skill at expressing something I have in mind but I have the most fun doing more expressive, abstract work, like all the pieces in this show.

I think of my art studio as a place of refuge. When I want to spend some time in the peace of my own mind, I take an unfinished work and bring the creatures and faces I see in it to life by emphasizing them just enough to make them apparent to someone else. It doesn't matter how strange they look, they're simply there, being. Or, I look for colours and shapes that appeal to me and work them until the image feels done. Underlying it all is the wonder I feel when I see what has come out, the reassurance I get from looking at colour and a knowing that there's so much more where that came from. My hope in doing art is to express the beauty I see around me and to share that appreciation of our world with others.

All the prints I make are one-of-a-kind: what I call monoprints and some people call monotypes. I've signed them on the back so a signature on the bottom won't prevent the work from being turned a different way since many of the images work on their side or even upside down.

Diane Cameron

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