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Sandra Peterson
Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, USA
Susan Ashley
Chula Vista, California, USA
Jean Hess
Knoxville, Tennessee, USA

Kaliya Crowe
Corning, California, USA
Maria Avila
Jacareí - Sāo Paulo - Brazil
Christine Newsome
Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

Marcella Rutledge
Stuart, Florida, USA
Lisa Austin
Louisville, Kentucky, USA

Michael Smither
Whitianga, New Zealand
Janice Paul
Middlesbury, Connecticut, USA
Rachel McAlpine
Wellington, New Zealand

Shirley Eley Nachtrieb
St Charles, MO, USA
Sharon Eley
Chillicothe, Ohio, USA
Dale Copeland
Puniho, New Zealand
Our identical twins!

Margaret Conte
Brandon, Florida, USA
Wayne Morris
New Plymouth, New Zealand

See the other Rooms

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