Dance while you can

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Dance while you can
Assemblage of found objects
20 cm high, 30 cm diameter
Dale Copeland

Years ago, a friend gave me the heavy wreath of flowers.
I knew they'd find their place sometime - it took a long time.
The cast glass nude was, I think, some sort of carnival prize. Again, a gift from a friend.
I spent hours carefully sanding a wooden curtain ring until it was a secure fit around the base of the figure,
So I could attach it with copper wires to the rotating base.

And now it has become the ethic 'dance while you can; smell the roses while you may'.

Dale's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

More of her artwork, and the books she makes, can be found on her site at

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Image © Dale Copeland