Remnant of the Big Bang

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Remnant of the Big Bang
Assemblage of found objects.
14cm high
(Now with the title engraved on a brass plaque on the top)
Dale Copeland 2021

And what a big bang this heating coil must have made. It didn't just fizzle out, it exploded! Hot enough to vapourise the copper sheathing and deposit copper all over the chromed tubes.

But of course the real Big Bang started the universe from nothing.
Time started with everything else as nothing before. There WAS no 'before'.

It felt apt to set this exploded heating tube into the case of a mantel clock.
So here we have a remnant of the big bang. Taking the place of the clock on the mantelpiece.
The brass plate on top will say "Remnant of the Big Bang".

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Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

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