Ambition, Hopes & Dreams

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Ambition, Hopes & Dreams
Assemblage with a wool-winder, 3 music boxes, and the reel from a fishing rod
On the wool-winder there's a doll's head under a cow's horn, with a glass eye at the top.
Dimensions change as you turn the handles. Maximum height ~ 45cm
All in a wooden wine box.
Dale Copeland 2021
We're told to aim high, head for the stars, all that.
But life goes on, the tunes play, and the money tree goes around and up and down.
And your life ... watch the eye ... heads upwards, then down.
All the distractions ... sounds and spinners, round and round.

This was the most difficult thing I've made since the Not Very Merry Go Round (last century!)
The handle which turns the money tree (my brother's fishing reel) also drives a music box.
As you turn the other handle the head rotates, whie the horn and glass eye not only rotate but also gradually change their angle, pointing straight up and then coming down to horizontal.
I was SO pleased when I managed to make it all work as I'd hoped.
Dale's studio can be found at Puniho,
Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

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