The Kardashians' Anatomy Lesson for Little Girls.

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The Kardashians' Anatomy Lesson for Little Girls (now home again)
Assemblage of found objects
plastic skeleton - free to be rotated
two dolls with realistic figures for girls.
distorting silvery background
in a rather naff display case
30 x 25 x 12 cm
Dale Copeland 2021
The gifted plastic skeleton pleased but horrified me.
For the totally false concept of what a woman looks like on the inside.
The essence of a woman, NOT.
The ribs are shaped like breasts, the pelvic girdle has got a smooth protruding bum,
the legs are impossibly long, and the feet are permanently shaped for high heel shoes.
Head? Hands? No need, not important.
This ideal woman doesn't need to think, to make, to do.
What does this say to the nice normal girl children?

I don't have enough words for this anger. I hope making an assemblage can say it better.
So, I'm pleased with the final visual statement, and making it so the viewer can rotate
the skeleton to see the full horror.
But have to say that it was a bitch to photograph!
You'd laugh to have seen me, wearing a black velvet coat backwards, and gloves,
with black paper surrounding the camera lens, trying to cut the reflections.

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Surf Highway, Coastal Taranaki, New Zealand

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