19th International Collage
Exhibition / Exchange

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No more sales possible. Sorry. The exchange parcels are now being packed and posted.

Josie Beszant
Masham, North Yorkshire, UK
Berys Daly
Waihi, New Zealand
£ 25 NZ $ 45

Georgie Raulerson
Boynton Beach, FL USA
Laura Lein-Svencner
Darien, IL, USA
Jo Murray
Little Mountain, Qld, Australia
US $ 60 US $ 100 AUD $ 50

Catherine Wingfield-Yeatts
Staunton, VA, USA
Stephanie Forsyth
Putney, NSW, Australia
US $ 75 AUD 40

Elaine Johnson
Toronto, ON, Canada
Judith Bergerson
Sartell, MN, USA
Lorraine Neill
Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia
NZ $ 50 US $ 50 NZ $ 60

Philippe Lemaire
Villeneuve d'Ascq, France
Lisa Haddad in collaboration with
Stephen Trombley & Eva Sochorova
Nashville, TN, USA
€ 60 US $ 50

Drager Meurant
Zeist, The Netherlands
Lynn Dick
Silverstram, Upper Hutt, New Zealand
Erika Lawlor Schmidt
Pawlet, VT, USA
NZ $ 85 NZ $ 30 NZ $ 100

Aline Keith
Chicago Heights, IL, USA
Margaret Conte
Brandon, FL, USA
US $ 25 US $ 38

John Sager
Austin, TX, USA
Mimi Shapiro
Lancaster, PA, USA
Sally Thrush
Katikati, New Zealand
US $ 60 US $ 60 NZ $ 40

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This is the Nineteenth International Collage Exhibition / Exchange

79 artists have each made 13 collages, each approximately 8" X 10".

The work from each artist shown here and offered for sale is also being exhibited in the Percy Thomson gallery of Stratford, New Zealand during September.

A package of 11 (or 12) mixed collages is sent back to each participating artist.

You can see the previous collage exchanges here.

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