Persephone's Grotto

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Persephone's Grotto
Books, wood, cast iron pulley, sea lily stem fossils
17" x 22 1/2" x 5"
John Sager, 2013

When I acquire a book, it becomes art material. I glue the pages shut to seal their story, then create my own story. Beginning with the sheer splendor of a cast iron pulley chamber, I built a wooden armature with an opening to which I could fasten book shards and sea lily stem fossils. As collector, I find objects that want to be together, to be companions in a new life. In my role as joiner, I deal with surface and form, sequence and juxtaposition. I try to turn chaos into order by whatever means possible, sometimes by accident.

Our black cat Persephone was my constant companion in the creative process. Persephone is the Greek goddess of both the underworld and spring growth. A grotto is a small picturesque natural or artificial cave often used for devotion. So Persephone�s Grotto can be seen a place where dying books have been transformed and venerated as new life.

John Sager lives in Austin, Texas, USA

email John at   jonisager @ (remove the spaces)

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