Ocular Migraine / Migraine ophtalmique

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Ocular Migraine / Migraine ophtalmique
Mary Topper

"Originally this piece was made for the 20th International Collage Exchange.
Once it was completed, however, I realized that I could not bear to part with it. It was the first creative thing I had done since my mother's death in June 2017.
My mother had chronic migraines. Thankfully I did not inherit those - but I did inherit ocular migraines. They are painless migraines that create flashing lights and patterns over one's field of vision. They're frightening and disorienting, but usually harmless. They last about thirty minutes at a time. I only get them very rarely now.
This piece was designed to be difficult to see clearly. Made on a cardboard shelf covered with fabric. An old, distressed photo of my mother holding my half-brother, and myself as a baby at the bottom. Overlaid with laminate sheet, sparkling sheer fabric, and covered in stray marks, glitters, bits, and pieces. It includes some of my mother's ashes, scattered on the bottom edges.
Depending on the angle in which you view it, you can see certain things, but at other angles certain parts become invisible under a blanket of reflected light.
Just like an ocular migraine. Just like dealing with death. It's never perfectly clear.
And it changes depending on how you view it.
Dedicated to Theresa Lynn Wimer. Goodbye. I love you."

Mary Topper lives in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

email Mary at   mtopper @ alumni.unca.edu (remove the spaces)

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