When Johnny Comes Home

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When Johnny Comes Home
(Do you know the old war song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again ... Hurrah, Hurrah.")
Some pages from a small book made a few years back.
Georgie Raulerson

Statement: those returning home in deceased state will be given full military honorary funerals at Arlington National Memorial Cemetery.
Dates pending and to be announced later.
Those heroes returning home wounded and with lives nearly destroyed will be expected to fend for themselves.


War � leaves and acorns
Marks upon the soul
dented heads
brains rattled and
speckled with shrapnel
limbs lost, colostomies
forever marred
patriots ALL !!

Home to cheers and jeers
hospital beds and hard labor
attempts to be whole again
to learn, to walk, to see, to hold
confined to a chair, chained
to a respirator
aching from bed sores
forgotten too quickly
patriots ALL !!

Georgie Raulerson lives in Boynton Beach, Florida, USA

email Georgie at   georgie_r @ bellsouth.net (remove the spaces)

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