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structure made with printing blocks
18 1/4" x 7 3/4" x 4"
Printer’s blocks, loom part, steel
John Sager, 2014
There is a certain stark beauty in a field of print.
Each letter planted in a row, in clusters, whence and where shall grow an idea.
Cannot the written word have shape, mass and patina?
Typography turns into topography for the visually acute.
Look at the shapes of letters: the pregnancy of a D, the wholesomeness of an O, the shadow of a W.
Look at an ancient language, or one unknown to you: there is beauty in its mystery.
The artist will layer, isolate, propagate, and split these old systems to birth her new world, a fresh metalanguage.
There is one phrase that sticks in my mind: the beauty of “and” versus the tyranny of “or.”
I looked at my work recently and saw an enduring theme of multiplicity, a multiplicity of both materials and ideas.
There is an abundance of stimuli for the artist to respond to and synthesize.
It is a heroic task.
We wade through history, and swim in a multitude of ideas, eventually finding the stroke that we can call our own.
Cross-pollination has always been a major factor in the arts.
Literature, music and architecture have seeded my artwork, sometimes blossoming into fruition, always leaving a trace of growth.

John Sager lives in Austin, TX, USA.

email John at   jonisager @ yahoo.com (remove the spaces)

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