Waste Not

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Waste Not
mixed media collage
image transfers, fabric paint and stitch on fabric
Framed size 23 x 28 cm
NZ $ 275
Adele Q Hickford
This artwork features a piece of old tablecloth, recycled to become the background for this wee statement.
I have a fixation with power pylons, and regularly photograph them marching across the landscape when I am being driven or flown within view.
The colour applied with fabric paint represents the water in our rivers and springs that is harvested for irrigation, and sold to overseas interests to bottle and sell back to us!
The newspaper article behind the power pylon was actually a happy accident that occurred when I transferred the image.
The crosses stitched over the main text emphasise the ‘don’t waste’ message.

Adele Hickford lives in Pukerua Bay, New Zealand.
Ph 04 2399232 / 021 446711

email Adele at   adele.hickford @ quayle.net (remove the spaces)

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Image © Adele Hickford