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painting - acrylic on canvas
Barbara Koziarski
50cm x 60cm
Background – Why a sheep?
I was born in the Wairarapa, surrounded by sheep. We had a lamb as a pet and we took it to school on pet day.
Sheep in the paddock often stop and do a full-face stare.
When I worked with adults on gaining confidence with presentation skills, I drew on the imagery of the stance and eye contact of a sheep. There is no lack of self-confidence. The sheep’s whole stance says,”I’m a sheep”.

The background is a mixture of paint and glued thin papers. The sheep’s outline is a combination of acrylics, chalk and crayon.
I painted the place names of my childhood – where we went to swim, where our friends had farms, where we went for drives as a family.
By this means I grounded my sheep, and me, firmly in the Wairarapa landscape.

Whakapapa When I was asked to take my presentation skills training method to a marae, I used my sheep painting as a visual aid for my whakapapa.

Barbara Koziarski lives in Carterton, Wairarapa, New Zealand.

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Image © Barbara Koziarski