Secret Story

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Secret Story
acrylic/collage/colored pencil on stretched canvas
18" X 36"
Judith Bergerson
I am interested in the use
of the graphic quality of text as a
design element. I find the shapes
of letters and numbers to be very pleasing,
and am fascinated by the negative shapes
and patterns created when these elements
are combined in various ways. At the same
time, I find that whenever text is used in a
piece, the viewer almost invariably attempts
to decipher the “meaning” of what are
assumed to be words.
(What do these letters mean?)
This piece addresses both those
factors..the pure joy of manipulating text
as well as an understated telling of part of a
personal “story”. My intention, however, is
not to impose this “story”
(it is not readily decipherable),
but rather to encourage the viewer to
either find his/her own “story”
(personal interpretation), or to just enjoy
the interplay of the shapes of the
letters and numbers.

Judith Bergerson lives in Sartell, MN, USA.

More of her work can be seen on her website at

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Image © Judith Bergerson