Songs from the Atman.

Fast cars
Don�t make you taller
From high buildings
You look smaller
For money don�t
Make the man
We are but grains of sand

Look into the mirror
And you will see
The truth of reality
Look into the mirror
And you may find
A rough diamond
In your mind

O let it shine�.O let it shine

Understand your ways
All the days�.all the days
Fast cars
Don�t make you taller
And no money
No smaller

It is all illusory
A distorted mirror
Distorts what you see
Is it the mirror
Or is it me
I cannot tell
In the end
I am confused
Feel I�ve been used

But by who
It all depends
Fast cars
Don�t make you taller
For we all go
Around the same corner
I mean you��� disrespect
No dishonor
You are a winner
A man of honor
But smell the flowers
In their showers

And the golden hours
While they�re still dear
Look between the lines
We are all doing time
It�s like we�ve
All done crime

So look to what you have
It is true
But what you have
Is not you
But it is���
What you do
And you will see
To what your rich is
And what you be
And what your bitch is

Look into the mirror
Into your hearts
It is the mirror
Of the parts
It is the mirror

Of your soul
When you look
With the whole
Fast cars
Are every where
And with wings
They are in the air
Fast cars that fly
Take you up

Into the sky
You are high
You get higher
Then you realize
We are������
But men
Then back down
To earth again
Back in your own skin

O let it shine��.O let it shine

Mandala of Type Many

Welcome into the good
heart of Taranaki
Robert Clement
Glass artist of Taranaki. Robert's Stained Glass Studio, FIRST LIGHT,
is on the main road in Midhirst, Taranaki, New Zealand

(first time playing with silica)

More can be seen on his website at
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