Mili Purpil

New Zealand jeweller

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Along time ago, And when I came back, is
what it takes to tart.
when I was still silly I thought this job is
space. So bash and beat,
I worked in a factory, Off I ran to Trance (i)
melt and heat.
in the big city. to never go
back, seems to me I make in sleep,
But crazy I went, and changed my name to Mili.      no time
for peep to count her sheep. 
to hell I was sent. I left my life in
cityville, Dale said we need a photo,
While I was screaming, to which friends were cynical. oh god a
icy, what a low blow.
also was dreaming. its good to live by the sea, She
said about yourself,
Of baubles and bands, in mountainous taranaki. tell
with your mouth.
and things for the hands. Dale said, make some art, No time
to talk, a photos fine,
I have to work or not to dine.
So buy something please,
for i have skinny knees
I could be sold
if you wanted in gold.
It would please me no end
chunks of silver to send.
So design your own piece,
send to mother or niece.
Ill make it twice as nice ,
for half the price
if US dollars you send.
cheers and beers

Mili's studio/workshop is on Opua Road, Opunake, New Zealand
P O Box 41, Opunake
Phone 06 761 8366

More of Mili's work can be seen on her website at

email Mili at   milipurpil @ (remove the spaces)

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