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Neckpiece by Steve Molloy Sculpture by Anna Korver

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Anna Korver is an established award winning New Zealand artist with a BFA in sculpture from the University of Canterbury. Korver works nationally and internationally, exhibiting, attending symposiums and completing commissions.

Korver's works are feminine in their identity and perspective, the fundamental concepts and feeling of the works inviting intimacy and personal connection. The forms conceal complex ideas about feminine roles and the projection of the inner self thru the outer form. Often abstracted and minimalist, they challenge what is traditionally female and deconstruct the social power relationships within these roles. Current works are more tightly tied to the construction of industry and technology which is seen as a male domain compared to the traditionally feminine practice of hand crafts.

Korver is an executive member of Te Kupenga stone sculpture society and a trustee on the board of Eco Artists New Zealand.

More of her works can be seen on her website at

Steve Molloy is an award winning New Zealand artist currently producing works in a variety of genera including object and installation sculpture, photography and painting. Molloy exhibits in galleries throughout New Zealand, attends many national and international symposiums and his photography has appeared in many national publications.

Photography is his preferred visual language; in particular documentary photography of wildlife, people and landscapes whether in urban or natural settings. This form of photography lends itself to the instinctual spontaneity of the moment and his work offers an emotion to the viewer that surpasses the straight documentation.

Molloy’s work is uniquely defined by his process of incorporating the use of fragmentation, movement and miniaturization as a tool to view normal scenes and objects in a slightly abstract way. An important aspect of his photography is to capture the intended image thru the lens with minimal work in post production.

More of his works can be seen on his website at

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