Barbara Clegg

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Beware the Taniwha of the Foreshore Flowerfields (Abstract) Marine Movement

Rangiwhakaoma - Where the sky runs.
(Castlepoint, Wairarapa)
Wave with Mountain Beyond Te Reinga Wairua
(Cape Reinga, Northland)

Colour Celebration! Taranaki from the North.

Beyond the Pouakais to Taranaki From the Mountain Came the River Cape KIdnappers

Taranaki from Opunake Taranaki ki au! The Eyes Have It!

Pushing my images of our landscape to impressionism, while keeping them recognisable to the viewer, is a challenge I enjoy.

The researching before choosing a subject, the understanding what makes that particular landmark so known – all add addition layers of knowledge which develop the image.

I am self-taught. My development as an artist has been greatly advanced by being a member of several art groups where my work was critiqued by my peers.

I work in acrylics on stretched canvas and welcome commissions from those with specific requests.

For me, a blank canvas is rather like a blank page - a little scary, but once the journey begins I know there will always be that moment of excitement during the process that energises me! That moment when two colours ‘work’ or a shape materialises from the colours to enhance the whole! That’s the fix for me!

I love that others want to hang my images!
Barbara Clegg

Barbara lives in Okato, Taranaki, New Zealand
Phone 027 5299627

email Barbara at barbara.clegg @ (remove the spaces)

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