Art Taranaki - de retour ŕ Paris
Artistes de Nouvelle-Zélande au 59 Rivoli

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In November 2014 12 Taranaki artists travelled to Paris, carrying 250 artworks as their luggage!

The work of 33 Taranaki artists, showing in Gallery 59 Rivoli. A terrific experience.
The French liked our exhibition and have asked us back.
We're excited of course, and have started planning.
Exhibition title:
Art Taranaki - de retour ŕ Paris
Artistes de Nouvelle-Zélande au 59 Rivoli

The Travellers .... Dorothy Andrews, Jenny Bielawski, a^b (Abby Burgess), Dale Copeland,
Darren Mackey, Linda McFetridge, Tanya Mercer, Steve Molloy, Mili Purpil, Katie Smith, Nora West.

NOTE: We've got a campaign on, asking for help for our travelling group.
Click on "View All Projects" and look for Dale
('Boosted' is a great place for New Zealand artists to seek support for their ventures.)

This time we'll try to travel lighter: In 2014 the artworks used ALL our luggage allowance.
So we're being inventive: I'll post solutions here, and progress reports.

This is our donations box. Her banner says "Perhaps a small coin for the poor artists?"
Perhaps we might collect enough to take us out for a meal.

Graham's paintings are usually large and on heavy board.
He has made prints, good inks on etching paper. A2 size.

Roger is sending 76 small monoprints. The TV NEWS series.
Hung in clusters they have quite a presence.

Jan's solution ... paintings on unstretched canvas which will be rolled into a tube.
And Dale has made a waterproof carrying bag for the tube, with room for the catalogues around the edges.
The permitted size for carry-on luggage. (And beautifully modelled by Paul!)

print by Steven.
Doesn't need to be framed and behind glass to look stunning.

painting by Tanya.
At just 23 cm square it can easily fit in luggage.

Works on paper.

Unmounted, unmatted, easy to transport.
They can be hung with black (or gold) bulldog clips,
or using those clear plastic hangers.

Or an edition of prints all hung from one cord or tape, like these cards by Karen,
and removed if sold instead of having prints in a table folder or in a rack.

(We can't rely on there being racks, plinths or tables available.)

The ultimate in lightweight works

Jenny has made some more of her hanky creations:
skulls and butterflies, each shaped from an old handkerchief.

Dorothy's plan: A fold-up artwork.
Nine small paintings, which can hang as one, be separated for travel,
and be sold separately or together.
background colour and white resist for her detailed drawings.Paintings in progress

First good idea:
Linda took two HUGE beautiful paintings of pohutakawa leaves on unstretched canvas, rolled in a carpet tube.
Last time . . . . .   This time . . . . .
Now she's carving and handpainting small wooden leaves. A whole wall-full can fit in her handbag. Brilliant.

Dale's plan:
Instead of making assemblages in heavy wooden boxes she's using triangular game boards.
They'll all pack together well in the luggage, and each one weighs only about 250grams.

Our all-purpose sticker for 2014.

Any questions? email Dale at   dale @ (remove spaces)

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